Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just a reminder...

Do you need reminders for special days, events, 'to do' lists, etc.?  How about a little memo board to keep track of your reminders?
I've had this board sitting around for a while --- quite a while, actually --- and was waiting for inspiration on what to do with it.  It's really a write and wipe board, but I'm more apt to use a magnetic board.  Well... the other day, I was cleaning out my storage room and came across this board --- again:)  I had this 'I wonder' moment and grabbed a magnet to test on it.  Sure enough, it is also magnetic.  Wish I'd thought to try this a long time ago!
I decided to decorate it with some of our S-A-B Everyday Enchantment DSP.
I added a card I received from my friend Robin and 2 of the trifold cards I made.  They all use S-A-B materials.  The DSP is just held on with the magnets, so I can change it out to coordinate with whatever display I want to use with it.  The magnets are made with buttons and fabric covered brads that I had on hand.
If you'd like to attach your DSP permanently to your memo board, you can brush on a liquid adhesive to hold the DSP in place.  Use a sponge brush and try to keep from getting the DSP too wet, as it will ripple.
So, if you'd like a quick and easy project --- for you or a special gift --- try a cute little memo board.

And, speaking of reminders, don't forget about my upcoming classes:
Mar. 12:   Scraps and Prayers (Monday)
Mar. 16:   Friday 3-4-5 Class (3 cards for $5.00)
Mar. 17:   Saturday Morning Brunch Bunch
Mar. 19:   Monday Morning Brunch Bunch
See my March class schedule for complete details.


  1. Hi Lana. You have an interesting website and I enjoy coming here for ideas. I have given you the "Liebster Blog Award". Check out my blog to find out why.

  2. Thank you! I'll have to check this out. Sounds like fun!


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