Friday, March 23, 2012

Collage Frames: Saturday Morning Brunch Bunch

Here's a peek at some of the frames we made in my Collage Frames Class.  They are going to take them home and add a few more things, including photos, and then they'll bring them back to share with everyone.  I forgot to take photos of the Monday Morning Brunch Class --- sorry everyone --- but they all chose to make the banners.  I'll try to get some photos of those later.
These are from the Saturday Morning Brunch Bunch.  I love how the projects evolved as we worked on them!!!

This frame uses the beautiful neutrals from the Mocha Morning DSP.  Look how she used a favorite old 'find' of a pin for the center of one of the butterflies!  I would not have thought of trying that.  One of the great things about working with groups is that we all come with creative ideas and can easily inspire each other.
This project was done with Well Worn DSP and some of the newsprint.  I had to get out a few old stamps from my 'stash' to fit her theme.  We've embossed them to add to the texture.
The fishing theme frame will be for her husband.  The 'W' theme frame will be for her home.

Lots of layering really adds a lot to the projects.
See how some of the text and letters were cleverly used to create personal parts of the frame?  I love it!
More later.  Aaron and I are working hard to get our asthma under control.  This is a difficult Spring for us, as far as the asthma goes.  I still love that we do have warm weather, though.  I have never been a fan of winter cold.  About one good snow is plenty for me:)

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