Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I love to emboss.  It adds instant layers of texture and shows great attention to detail.  It's fun; it's quick; it's easy; it's addicting:)
In one of my previous posts, I showed you the Designer Cuts Cards and Envelopes kit.  I had embossed some of the cards and all of the envelopes.  The kit actually comes with all pink envelopes.  Since I made 3 of the cards with blue tones, I switched out those envelopes for plain vanilla envelopes.  I went ahead and embossed the 3 remaining pink envelopes with the same hearts and will use those later for Valentine's Day cards, baby girl cards or cards for Spring.
Speaking of Valentine's Day, when I showed my finished cards to my husband, he asked me if I could make 2 more of the cards with the hearts.  I told him, yes, I'd make ONE card --- for his mother --- but I would not make a second one for him to give me for Valentine's Day.  I don't make cards for myself.  He's tried this stunt before:)
Again, here are the embossed envelopes I made for the cards:

Here's the envelope with the embossed portion.  It really makes it look elegant.

Here's the pink envelope with the embossed portion...again, quite elegant.  The embossing for this envelope has an embossing  folder that has already been made as just a strip.  It comes as a set of 3 folders, called Textured Impressions Embossing Folders Adorning Accents.  You can find them on page 7 of the Occasions Mini (#125601, for just $8.95).  Since they are in a set of 3, I keep them in a stamp case, also, with the image slipped into the front of the case.
The vanilla envelope was embossed using 1 of my custom cut strips.  It's starts with a Finial Press embossing folder.  If you're going to try this, buy an extra folder so you can keep the original one to emboss an entire card front.  You can see how I marked the front image with a pencil, so I could plan out where I would cut.  Once I had it planned out, I drew the same markings (using a Sharpie marker) onto the front of the embossing folder.  I used our Craft and Rubber scissors to cut the embossing folder.  After cutting, I cleaned off any remaining Sharpie lines, so they wouldn't transfer to my project.
Here are all the cut pieces.  Keeping them in an empty stamp case helps to keep track of them all.
Here is an embossed piece of CS showing the markings where I cut.  It's pretty easy to see here how I did it.
To emboss an envelope, I put the piece of embossing folder completely around the envelope.  It goes through the Big Shot easily, with no tabs.
Because you''re doing the entire envelops, you get a nice, deep embossing.  It looks really great.

I also cut up a Perfect Polka Dots embossing folder.  I hope you can see in these photos how I embossed just a portion of the card front.
Here's how I marked the folder, to plan out where I wanted to cut.  You could actually use several on the same card, embossing just portions of the card front wherever you wanted to emboss.....endless possibilities.
Here's how I store all the pieces... a great idea because you have a lot of pieces for this one:)

It's a little difficult to see the embossing in photos, but I think you can get the idea.  It's quick and easy and really takes your project to the wow level in a hurry.

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